CartoTool is easy to use. Our pricing easy to understand.

In order to work with CartoTool, you need access to a Working Space. Either your own, or an existing one managed by someone else. Intensive users usually want to have their own Working Space. It enables you to customize according to your needs and preferences. And to control access and rights of Working Space users.

In CartoTool we define 3 roles:


  1. Viewer – You can view projects from others and purchase from our library.
  2. Developer – You can create maps and add data in projects that were assigned to you.
  3. Administrator – You can make new projects, give people access to your Working Space, manage their rights and assign them to projects. You are the master of your Working Space.


CartoTool’s pricing model is based on a pay per use philosophy. You’re paying rent for your Working Space (from EUR 125/month), a subscription fee for the users (from EUR 2,-/month) and a fee for data storage (from EUR 0,25/MB) and data transfer (from EUR 0,10/MB). Of course, heavy users pay less per unit then light users. To accomplish that we’ve made Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight and Superheavyweight packages.

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